Hello, my name is Dailene Ashton (aka Day Ashton) and a huge welcome to my blog.  It is great to have you here!

I live in Rustington, West Sussex, a beautiful seaside town.    Although a British citizen, I was born in a small country town in South Africa (Somerset East) a good few more than 60 years ago!

My career in nursing spanned a few decades, including nursing education as a clinical instructor, tutor at the local nursing college and part-time lecturer in the nursing department at the local university.

Over the years I dipped into a few other interesting activities including part-time estate agency, my own “Help-U-Study” business as well as deputation work for Christian ministries including Trans World Radio and Bible Pathway.

My hobbies have involved photography (including weddings and child portraits), writing and publishing (a friend and I published a popular Christian magazine, “Come Alive”, for a number of years). Other hobbies included travelling, reading and even singing.

For the last 10 years or more I have enjoyed broadening my knowledge and skills, as well as those of others, with regard to working from home, computer and internet skills, as well as asset management.

My motivation for developing these skills was to improve my retirement prospects.   With inflation eating away at savings and pension, I was looking for something that would allow me to enjoy a comfortable retirement and not have to drop my living standards. In fact, I wanted to do something that would improve my standard of living. I used my God-given initiative and took action.

I certainly did not fancy being tied to an office desk or any other job for the rest of my days just to make ends meet. I wanted to develop a business that did not require me to work 9-5 or other unsocial hours, but would still provide me with a steady income which in turn would enable me to maintain or, better still, improve my lifestyle

If you are still reading this, it means you can relate to something I’ve shared … wonderful!

I’ve worked closely with some incredible folk who have taught me so much … and now it is my turn to reach out to others … to you … to help you change your life for the better.

I want to bring what I have already learnt and what I am still learning to you! I want to help you succeed by saving you money and time, by helping you to avoid the school of hard knocks, by getting you on the right path to financial freedom … rather than just dreaming about it…

Perhaps you have questions you might like to ask, please do…

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