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Today is a day of opportunity

So many folk have been struggling to make ends meet or to improve their options when they retire.

It has been said that earning residual or passive income is the new retirement plan.   There are various ways one can do this.   So many folk have given this thought (as have I) and not known where to start.

There are a number of ways one can go about achieving this online …  but remember, to make anything online you do need to invest some time and some money.  One does NOT have to spend massive amounts of money to get something working for one.

Personally I have tried a number of ways of earning money online.   I will be explaining various ways in future blogs.   For a number of years now I have had businesses online and the types that have worked very well for me are those that enable me to get profit share paid into my account … one pays me every 20 minutes.  The other, which has Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies advertising via its platform pays me every 30 minutes.

I’d like to invite you to take a closer look at one of these business opportunities today.   It takes up very little of one’s time but can be very rewarding.   Always, with any business, with any form of wanting to earn money or interest, there has to be some input from the one who wants to build a future for themselves, families, significant other.

Take a closer look now, watch the short explanatory video and take action.   Get back to me with any further questions.

Speak soon

Dailene Ashton (aka Day Ashton)

Work with Day Ashton
Work with Day Ashton
Please note: this is not a financial plan and there are no stipulated guarantees.  Profit share can vary (and it does).

How to get your online business off the ground

One of the most important issues in any business is to get traffic to your site.

Whether you are purely online or you have a brick and mortar business (which also needs an online presence by the way!), we need visitors and customers.   Without these, the business will fail.

In the online world there are many “offers” of traffic – but to be honest, there is a lot of trashy traffic out there and it is a total waste of time and money.   One has to give due diligence when in any kind of business and very especially, an online business.

It is a very good idea, in the first instance, to consider what your marketing objectives are, for example:

  1. Promoting and managing your Brand
  2. Increasing your traffic by targeting the right audience
  3. Engaging with your customers
  4. Building loyalty
  5. Increasing sales

Once you’ve established your objectives, it becomes easier to see what option or options will work best for you.  There is free traffic and paid traffic.   Free Traffic, for example via FaceBook and other social media, takes longer and has to be used very wisely (more about that in a future blog) as one can become guilty of spamming and ruin one’s reputation in the process.  Paid traffic as the name implies requires some investment but does not have to be exorbitant and is also available via FaceBook and other social media as well as other online advertising options.

Social media is an excellent way to expand your reach and network.

There are various platforms one can use to advertise your business – some proven over and over again.  Examples of such are Google, Amazon and My Advertising Pays.

Blogging and providing unique and interesting content can provide value and it is one of the first and most essential steps that should taken towards increasing your traffic,    If it is your own blog, you are free to advertise your business or product on that site at no extra fee.

All these and other options are there to get your business in front of viewers and potential buyers.

I will be sharing more about getting your business off the ground and providing you with helpful guidelines and links to various relevant resources.  In the meantime, make sure you get the updates and subscribe to this blog and link with me on FaceBook


Do not hesitate to leave your comments and questions on the comment section.   You may also contact me at


Given the shaky global economic situation, there are 2 very important questions I would like you to consider…

  1. Do you think that $100 or £100 or 100 of whatever currency you use TODAY, will be able to buy the same amount of goods or services a year from now?
  2. Do you think it is possible that 1 gram of gold TODAY will have the same purchasing power in a year’s time?

Let us take a close look at the facts provided by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics as well as the Incrementum AG, Federal Reserve, St Louis, over a ten-year period.  Look closely at the buying power of $100,000 vs gold:

2005                                   2015
Currency                            $100,000                            $82,288   Buying Power
Gold                                   $100,000                            $237,583 Buying Power

Gold More than doubled its value and buying power, whilst currency shrank!

Think for a moment how currency devaluation will impact your savings, your pension, your investments.

And by the way, this trend is NOT going to stop … in fact leaders in investment and financial sectors are warning of an imminent financial crash … and it is not a case of “if” but rather “when” it is going to happen.   What is causing this?   Webster’s Dictionary states that “Inflation … is a steady rise in the level of prices related to an increased volume of available money and credit, resulting in a loss of value of currency”.

But how … what … why???

Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve (1987-2006), stated the following: “In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation of wealth. There is no safe store of value.”    Economist and father of Keynesian Economics, John Maynard Keynes, said: “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens”.

Inflation … this is what it looks like in practical terms …

Basket comparison 2


What about this?

Look at the comparison between 1971 and now ...

In 1971 1 gm of gold could buy around 5 loaves of bread, whereas NOW it would be able to purchase around 20+ loaves.

Compare this  with the purchase pow
er of the US dollar.   In 1971 one would have been able to purchase about 4 loaves of bread with $1.   NOW …. the same amount of
money will buy you not even a half a loaf of bread.

People all over the world are getting worried about the economy. Who can blame them?

Given the global situation, one needs to ask oneself if there is a way to plan for the future.

Financially speaking, do you have a plan in place to protect not only yourself, but your loved ones too? Would you like to know how to protect any assets you have and/or to work towards building something for the future?

If you would like to know what you can do, what the options and possibilities are and how to do it, please FIND MORE INFORMATION HERE 

If, once you’ve seen more about this, and you are ready to take action
simply Click Here   (Make sure you see my name, Dailene Ashton)

We’re living in a very fast-changing world.   Get informed and learn how to protect yourself financially.
References: Karatbars International, US Bureau of Labor Statistics & others.


Some time back Tom Corley researched and then wrote an excellent article (and a book) about the differing habits between the poor and the rich.   There is a staggering difference between the habits of the two groups.   So much one can learn from.

Just recently published the article again … 16 Rich Habits.    I have put a copy of this article on this site for a limited period of time only.

You will be amazed at the tips one picks up from this article.  VERY practical and timely.    Practical tips of how to live within your means, the value of reading and/or listening to audio books daily, know your purpose in life, controlling emotions, and so much more.

Take a look now:

Absolutely invaluable information.   The differences between rich and poor appear simple—sometimes almost intuitive—but nonetheless very significant. Once you have read the article, try to aim to take up these habits, and you are virtually guaranteed to become better off.

Please Don’t ….

Please don’t!

That is the heading in a post from friends and mentors of mine that caught my eye and the content was 100% my sentiments (and now I’m sharing it with you)

“Please Don’t …

That’s my advice to someone wanting to start an online business and asks the question “where will I find $49?”

(It could be any amount – this just happens to be a frequent starting amount in the online business world)

Their and my answer is brutally honest

We have no idea as we don’t know your financial situation but if you don’t have $49 (roughly £34) to spare, then don’t try and get started with any online business at this point in time.

You have to have money to invest in anything worthwhile.

Making money online is not some get rich quick scheme. It’s a real business which requires investment of time and money.

You may see “rags to riches” stories of people, but they are exceptional and not typical of most people who want to make money online

It is hard work at the beginning, but the rewards further down the line can be amazing … but you have to be committed to do what it takes, even on days you don’t really feel like it.

BUT, if you are prepared for all of this, willing to put in the time, have some financial resources to invest in your business, then the potential is there to develop an online business.

If however you are expecting to “get rich quick” without doing any of the above and you cannot afford to write off your initial investment of $49 then it’s not the right time for you …

And please don’t go chasing shiny objects that promise the earth because they are just shiny objects

Experience tells us that few people succeed in these “shiny object” businesses beyond making a few dollars and most make nothing”.

So I am inviting you today to take action.

If you are seriously thinking of starting to make money online and are committed and coachable, take a few moments to contact me so we can have a chat.   There are a few options available and I would like to help you get started or back on track.

For those who respond, I have a FREE helpful eBook I will send you.

HL Hunt (he was at one time the richest self-made billionaire in the world) was once asked what his secrets of success were: He said “There are only 3 requirements for success.  First, decide exactly what it is you want in life.  Second, determine the price you are going to have to pay to get the things you want and thirdly (and this is most important), resolve to pay that price.”   Successful people are willing to pay the price.   Remember, the massive oak tree was once an acorn.   Start somewhere and work steadily towards your goal.

Day Ashton
Internet Marketer & Coach.


alarmclockIf you are like most people, waking up to the sound of the Alarm Clock can be pure torture (especially on a Monday morning!!).  In fact, we’d prefer to throw it out the window or sell the alarm clock to a neighbour.


The alarm clock means we have to get up, leave our home and family and rush off to work where a dream-destroying boss is going to drain the life out of us to achieve their dream.    Not only that … it means we have to face the nightmarish commute to work and back – whether by road, rail or whatever. When we arrive back home we are totally exhausted and have time for little else.  The next day … the same thing over again.

Why not start the countdown towards “firing your boss” (as the saying goes!) and work towards starting a new life?    If you do not like what you do, you need to change it.New_MAP_ad

There are a number of opportunities out there, but do your due diligence and make sure you choose the right one.

I have been in the online business for a number of years now and have found something that really works for me.   Why not take a look?

In future blog posts I will be reviewing a few, including the one that has been a God-send and has paid me money every single day since the very first day.

So, if you want to start earning money online part-time until you have earned enough to go fulltime and get rid of the alarm clock syndrome, subscribe to my blog post and make sure you get the next post which will help you take more steps in the right direction.

Speak soon again

Day Ashton


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This week marks one year since I left my virtually fulltime job where I would be tied to my computer and headphones for 8-hour shifts providing health advice till it was coming out of my ears. 

NOW … 

I’m doing what I love.

My health has improved and I see the business opportunity I am in as a real God-send.

I’m making money every 20 minutes (even when I’m asleep).

I do not have to ask anyone’s permission to take time off.

I am now my own boss and really enjoy what I am doing – working at home or away.

If you want to know what enabled me to change my lifestyle, send me a PM today


Simply CLICK HERE and I’ll share what made the difference

3 Essentials to Success in your Business

Do you want to be successful in your online business?   There are 3 basic things you need to be ensure you are.

Recently I attended an entrepreneurial business event in London.  It was inspiring!

There were so many folk from all walks of life who shared how they had progressed and been successful in their online business.  The particular business they are in is the same I am involved in.

It has and is changing their lives as it is mine.  Some of those that shared their testimonials have struggled for years to make a success of an online business but have failed.   Since starting their own business with this incredibly straight forward opportunity (growing fast and very secure long-term business plans in place), they have not looked back.

So what are the 3 ingredients (all of which the folk referred to above have put into practice).

These 3 essential parts of success have been instilled in me by the excellent mentors I have had over the years.

If you need guidance or help starting your own online business or moving forward, why not contact me. You might call me crazy but I do really find a great deal of satisfaction in others achieving success.

And this is possible if you are:

  • Committed
  • Consistent
  • Coachable

Contact me for more details, business opportunities and coaching.

Speak soon

Day Ashton


Internet Marketer, Coach & Freelance Writer
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This is the first in the series of “How to build a profitable business online”

The thought of building a profitable business online can be very daunting and  technically challenging at times. I know this because I’ve been there (and I’m still learning every day!)  Trying to make head or tail of this industry can feel overwhelming, but …. as long as you are committed, consistent and coachable, you can start building your business.

One gets told one needs 3 things:

1) A Blog
2) An AutoResponder
3) And products to sell (preferably without holding inventory).

That is all good and well, but … “What is a Blog?”  “What is an AutoResponder?”
“I don’t have any products to sell!”    Well that is the purpose of this series of “How to build a profitable business online”

Before I go into the details of each aspect (and more), let me give some advice as I wouldn’t like you to make the same mistakes I did initially:

  • Don’t jump into buying expensive products that promise you a “magical” and exceptionally quick start to your business. For example, a product that promises to get you online in no time at all and promises you hundreds or thousands of leads within a 24 hour period as well as making “big bucks” in no time at all!   Don’t touch!   Why?  Building a successful and profitable business takes work … and the 3 Cs (see above)
  • Don’t quit your job before your business is really working or you have massive reserves to keep you going. Work at your job whilst you are building your fortune!
  • So do your research, make sure you get the best product/business opportunity. Yes, one does make mistakes, but follow folk who are doing well and learn from them.

Understanding how to build your online business will help you make the right choices and get you moving in the right direction.

Thankfully I have got to know some excellent mentors and have learned so much from them and watched how they work, how they’ve progressed and taken advice.

You see, I had to take action.   I moved to the UK in “later years” and thus didn’t have a full state pension available.   I knew I would have to take action to build up extra income prior to and when I retire (which I have now done!).   I use the word “retire” loosely.  Although I have had to retire from my virtual full time job, I am now working fulltime on my online businesses.  Building them up and helping others to do the same.

These days, I’m pleased to say, getting online and building a profitable business has become so much simpler.  There are various options (many of which I will be covering in this series) and you need to find your niche (this will be discussed in later blogs), what you are comfortable doing and promoting and then putting your heart and soul into it.

So, if you’ve ever had a dream of being an Internet Entrepreneur, but you don’t quite know where to start, I suggest you start at the beginning, with a blog … like the one I’m using or similar.

Subscribe to this blog so that you can be notified when the next in the series is available.   I’ll be working through this systematically but quickly enough for you to start taking action without delay!

And just by the way, if you have already made a start and are struggling with aspects, let me know what these are so that I can respond to you directly and/or make sure I cover that topic in my business blogging series.

Let me have your comments below and let’s see if I can get you moving in the right direction fast.

Work with Day Ashton
Work with Day Ashton

Dailene Ashton (aka Day Ashton)
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Working harder on yourself!


Work with Day Ashton
Work with Day Ashton

My daily email from Darren Hardy, one of my favourite motivational speakers (he is the publisher of Success magazine), was really challenging and inspiring today.  I make no excuse in sharing it with you.

Darren was 18 when he started out in business, working longer hours, making more calls and burning up more energy than anyone else in the office.  Despite all that effort, he still didn’t feel successful in his position. Instead, he says, he felt exhausted and unfulfilled. It wasn’t until Darren learned the key philosophy from his mentor, Jim Rohn, that his life dramatically changed for the better!

What did Jim Rohn repeatedly tell Darren?,

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. Work harder on yourself than you do on your business. Work harder on yourself than you do on your marriage. Work harder on yourself than you do on your diet.”

Jim Rohn would go on to say, “The whole key to unlocking all the treasures, whether it’s economic treasures, spiritual treasures, financial, social, personal, every way you can possibly think of, is by your own personal development.

Darren Hardy suggests Action for today:
Think about this as you start your day …
“What are a few outcomes you are trying to create?
Jot them down.

“Maybe it’s…
…Increase your income
…Help your children get better grades
…Improve your sales
…Reducing your BMI
…Increasing the intimacy in your marriage

“Now, how can you work harder on yourself than you do on those outcomes?
How can you improve in mindset, attitude, philosophy, character, behavior and habits?
What can you read, listen to or watch that will grow you, so you can grow that area of your life?

“As Jim also said,
“For things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better, YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When YOU grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you.”

“Note: It all starts with YOU.

Go grow YOU today!”

Be inspired, work harder on YOURSELF!


Dailene (aka Day Ashton)
Skype: dayashton1