fresh-startYou are at the start of a brand New Year.

It does not matter what your past has been, YOU have a spotless future!

Are YOU living the life you envisioned for YOURSELF?  Have you reached the point YOU wanted to achieve by now?

If not, why?   What killed your dream, your vision?

In a recent article, the following 5 reasons were given as Goal Killers:

  1. You didn’t have enough time
  2. You had too many distractions
  3. You were not around the right people
  4. You didn’t know how
  5. You kept procrastinating

Or possibly that you didn’t really know how to set goals …

According to Darren Hardy, the publisher of Success Magazine, shares in his book, “Living your Best Year Ever”, there are 2 common traits of super achievers:

  1.  “An unyielding commitment to constant learning; and
  2. Clearly written goals that have specific plans laid out to achieve them”

Over the next few days I will be sharing on:

  • how to deal with the goal killers
  • how to set realistic and achievable goals
  • how to manage your time
  • and more …

I leave you with this thought by Paul J. Meyer:

“Goal setting is the most important aspect of all improvement and personal development plans.  Confidence is important, determination is vital, certain personality traits contribute to success, but they all come into focus in goal setting”

To your success

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